Buy Mivision 130 Inch 135 150 16:9 Best Quality Fixed Frame projector screen T PRISM 3D 4K UST ALR on

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Buy Mivision 130 Inch 135 150 16:9 Best Quality Fixed Frame projector screen T PRISM 3D 4K UST ALR

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What is T-Prism?

T-Prism is an anti-light feature material, using a special trapezoidal optical physical structure, automatically separates the natural light and ultra-short-focus projector light, and absorbs ambient light on the light-absorbing surface by about 86% to achieve the ambient light rejection function. Using the multi-layer directional coating technology of the reflective surface, the projection screen contrast, color reproduction, gain ratio, and angle of view are optimally combined, and nearly 85% of the projector's light is reflected by the human eye so that the viewer can view it under natural light.
Watching the effect in a day and night environment, even in bright living rooms, it still presents 4K Ultra HD.

What Makes T-Prism Unlike Anything Else?

T-Prism optical material technology allows displaying of true image brightness, color saturation, and contrast for superior picture performance. Unlike others that are restricted by material structural technology, T-Prism is capable of 150 inches extreme realism and motorized designs.

This screen is made especially for Ultra Short Throwlaserprojectors, such as Wemax 4K Laser, Xiaomi Mijia 4K Laser, Optoma 4K Laser, LG 4K Laser and HiSense models.To give you the best image quality possible, much better than the white wall or regular white, non UST screen. It has a micro 'sawtooth' surface structure necessary to deflect the image projected from below the screen optimally to the viewers eyes. It also rejects ambient light from lights and projected reflections above.

●  Type of fabric:  UST CLR/ ALR with 0.85 gain at 178° viewing angle. Multi-layer T Prism fabric with a directional reflective coating.

●  REACH, ROHS, free of formaldehyde's & toluene

●  High quality processed, matt black aluminum frame

●  LED Backlight is optional

●  Easily wall mounting

●  Fully 4k/8k UHD capable, Active 3D compatible

●  Very slim "display design" - only 10mm frame visible on each side

●  Specially optimised and only suitable for ultra-short throw projectors

●  2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

●  Customized requirements are acceptable

Our Best Innovation Ever

UST projectors allow displaying a 150 inches image from a short distance(about 16"/40cm).
At SCREEN PRO, we offer an optical revolution that makes all the difference to your viewing experience, a technic improvement the result is a brighter, sharper image and the ultimate viewing experience, either the projector is sitting above or below the bottom of the image.

Light Up Your World

Say NO to a messy wiring outlet on your ceiling, or have long runs of HDMI cables from your sources to the projector.

ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screens designed for Laser TV/UST (Ultra Short Throw) projectors, carrying vivid high-definition images regardless of ambient light, brands such as:
SAMSUNG | BenQ | XIAOMI | Epson | Hitachi| LG | Optoma l Sony | ViewSonic, etc... Enables compatibility with 8K resolution projectors

LED Backlight System

An add-on option for your projection screen.

Provide a glow to your game, movie, or family reunion. Even have music sync features: A built-in mic allows the LED lights to sync to any music type.

Note: these LED lights are not waterproof and are designed for indoor use.

Classic Matte Black Profile Design

Ultra-thin bezel enhances the aesthetics, hand-wrapped black velvet is also possible, designed to maximize your viewing experience while minimizing installation space.


1.Q: Does this work well with non-laser ultra short throw projectors? id be interested in pairing a screen with a viewsonic px800hd.

A: It does work, but it will be darker than normal, as it's NOT the appropriate traditional screen for "regular" projectors.

2.Q:There are some dust and things on the screen, I want to know with which thing or how I can clean the screen?

A:Use a brush to clean along the texture of the screen, remember not to use water.

3.Q: Does this include the projector

A:  No projector included. This is a great powered screen if you need something that hides away when you’re not using it also it’s a great at allowing you to view the projector during some ambient light.

4.Q: What is the return policy?

A: Manufacturer's warranty:1. The company provides two-year free warranty service for the products sold. That is, within two years, due to the product itself material defects or design defects caused by the damage, can be replaced for free.(within one year, the product is not working properly or the damage has been seriously affected by the viewing, and can be replaced free of charge. After one year, the replacement will be at a cost.)

2.The motors in all of the screens we sell are available with a five-year free warranty.

3. Within one week after sales, if the product is seriously affected by quality problems, the product may be returned or replaced, provided that the product appearance is free from any damage and the package is complete; We promise to complete the return and replacement procedures within two working days after receiving the returned products.(except holidays).

4.If the product is in good condition without any damage, we do not support returns.

5. Provide corresponding technical support and technical cooperation for the products sold, and guarantee to respond within 24 hours (except holidays).

6. The product damage or other reasons not caused by our company are not included in our free replacement:

(1)Improper installation, resulting in product damage.

(2) Voltage mismatch

(3) Not in accordance with the operation manual caused by improper use

(4) Maintenance or alteration not authorized by the company

(5)Fail to provide proper working environment

(6) Due to user secondary transport caused by the product damage

(7)Damage in the event of natural disasters and accidents, such as: floods, fires, humans, etc.

The above guarantee shall have the same legal effect on each user. Other rights may only apply to specific customers due to changes in the country or region.

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